Digital signage strategy:
from aims through to analysis

Be SMART when it comes to your goals

Our complete digital signage strategy starts with a consultation and brainstorming session

From outlining your marketing objectives through to planning, implementation and monitoring, we offer a complete digital signage strategy service for clients. Our project managers will start by finding out what you want to achieve using SMART criteria (that is objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound) so that we – and you – can make sure that your signage achieves your marketing goals.

Analysing your business needs

Planning and evaluation are critical to project success

We’ll start the process with a thorough consultation to ensure that your digital signage campaigns are successful, looking at: your goals, your current marketing and what we can help you achieve. We’ll also find out about your business goals and objectives, and design your digital signage strategy to meet them. During the planning stage we’ll share our latest technology with you, and give you a taste of the future of customer engagement.

Content is still king

We’ll help you get your content and messaging deployment right

While digital signage is known to increase customer engagement, brand awareness and sales, it only works if you feed in the right content. As part of our digital signage planning we’ll work with you to schedule engaging content based on your business, target audience and goals. We’ll measure which content works best and feed that back into the strategy so that your content becomes more refined and continues to perform.

Hardware and software to suit your business

Procuring the right equipment and software for your needs

Each of our clients has unique digital signage requirements and your business is no different. We’ll look at and advise you which digital devices and software are right for you, depending on your locations, your business, what you want to achieve and your budget. We have a range of exciting products that feature cutting-edge technology and are revolutionising the world of display advertising.

Pilot a test drive

We will run a pilot before full rollout of your campaigns

Before full digital signage deployment we’ll run a pilot at one site to test your content and check that the plan we have in place is the right one for you. We’ll want to make sure that the devices are placed correctly, that your staff are ready to support customers if required, that there’s a good line of communication between the location and our team, and that everything is in place for your new signage to be a major success.

Lessons and feedback from the pilot

By measuring and monitoring the pilot we can improve your campaigns

We’ll test the pilot in a structured way to check that when we roll out your campaign at all of your locations it will achieve the aims we set out at the beginning of the process. Whatever we learn from the pilot we’ll feed back to our project management team who will make any changes to improve your digital signage strategy if we think it’s necessary. Then we’re good to go with the full deployment.


Key Stat 1
of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness
Key Stat 2
of people report that digital signage catches their attention.
Key Stat 3
Over 60% of buying decisions are made at the Point of Sale
Key Stat 4
Digital Signage reduces perceived waiting times at checkout by as much as 35%
Key Stat 5
Digital Signage adds an upswing in overall sales volume by 31.8%

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