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12 Ways to boost restaurant sales

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Restaurants are always looking for ways to boost sales. Restaurant technology is fast evolving, which offers numerous growth opportunities for food chains. But it also poses a challenge to restaurants to keep track of the technological upgrades and watch closely changing consumer tastes and behaviors.

Here are 12 ways to increase restaurant sales:

1. Redesign your stores
Completely redesigning a store can be an expensive proposition, especially for smaller restaurant franchisees. However, there is always an option for making some minor improvements here and there that can make your restaurants “pop.” One such idea is to install digital menus, which will enhance customer experience and give you an upper hand over the competition. Besides, you may want to switch over to customized soda dispensers or add to the experience of guests with a big TV in the dining room so guests can enjoy their dining time. Additionally, adding a video wall to the setting and upgrading energy efficient lighting & fixtures can enhance the ambiance.

2. Go for mobile technology at every the level
The proliferation of mobile has opened up numerous channels to improve service and boost restaurant sales. Accepting orders over phone and mobile is a great idea. Making it easier for customers to place an order is a great way to keep them coming. It saves you and the customer time and hassle. Additionally, it’s a good idea to equip your restaurant with payment terminals so you can accept mobile and contactless payments. You may also want to create a digital wallet that restaurant guests can use as a loyalty app.

3. Create a stream of loyal customers
Rewards and freebies are always welcome for everyone. Customers love to be rewarded for proving their loyalty with your business. Now customers expect to be rewarded for their loyalty more than ever. So building a strong loyalty program for customers will get thumbs up from them and motivate them to keep coming for more. Reward your guests with incentives for frequenting your restaurant and purchasing more from you. It may help to collect email addresses of regular customers so you can drop them a message regarding special offers, deals, and discounts. This is certainly one of the best ways to retain customers and increase profits.

4. Make your menus simple
Yes, you have heard it right. When it comes to redesigning your menu, less is more. Reduce the number of food items on the menu so customers can easily scan through the available options and place an order immediately. Too many items on the menu could make things little complex for them, besides making it time-consuming to run through their eyes over each item. The faster the orders from their side, the quicker the speed of your service!
Besides, smaller menu could mean fewer inventories and less food wastage. Less cluttered menus allow you more room to highlight most popular and highly profitable items.

5. Show your eco-responsive side
Today, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment and are always looking for eco-friendly products. Be environmentally sustainable. By making changes to increase environmental sustainability, your restaurant can appeal to customers. For example, you may want to transition to recyclable packaging, prefer digital menus to plastic menu boards, invest in more energy efficient equipment, such as solar panels, upgrade restaurant technology, and take similar steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Add nutritional information
Today’s customer wants more transparency from food stores when it comes to making food choices. Even the FDA caloric menu labeling requirements require you to add nutritional information to your menus, so customers are aware of their calorie intake when they buy something from you. Being transparent will portray your positive side to customers and help boost trust, thus improving restaurant sales.

7. Offer contactless payments
Customers are looking for ways to make easy payments, with contactless payments topping the list. A mobile digital wallet is one such way you can help customers in this regard. Besides increasing speed of service, contactless payment options are more attractive for customers who prefer a digital wallet to a physical wallet.

8. Make a smart menu psychological move
Using menu psychology is an affordable way to influence decision making and increase restaurant sales. From designing an appealing menu layout, which is easy to scan through, to tastefully illustrating high priced items, there are a plethora of ways restaurants can use menu psychology design to drive customer behaviors and boost sales.

9. Put digital menus indoors and outdoors
You must be wondering where to place your digital menus? Well, it’s a lucrative idea to place the digital menu inside the restaurant and in the drive-thru to attract the eyeballs of a maximum number of consumers, boost operational efficiency, and improve sales. The advanced restaurant technology ensures that you can easily change your menu in your multiple stores sitting in one location, without having to replace hundreds of static menu boards. Placing one in the drive-thru is a great way to boost sales. You will quickly start experiencing higher sales and increased order accuracy, which will speed up your service and attract last-minute purchases.

10. Go local
Locally grown food is most preferred by consumers, who are curious to know the source of their food. So it would help greatly to go local, which is synonymous with “fresh” for a majority of consumers. When you actually go local, spread the word about it immediately.

11. Expand menu offerings
Customers are more interested to try new cuisines from across the world. So one way you could tempt their taste buds is by offering a diverse menu, with new international cuisines, fusion meals, and ethnic gourmet items that competitors do not offer. By expanding your menu offerings, you set yourself apart from the competition and attract a new audience.

12. Use reporting tools & business intelligence
Gathering business intelligence is a crucial tool to increase restaurant sales. With clean and clear data that gives you the required metrics, you can easily identify cost saving opportunities. Not only this, reporting tools give you insight into flag areas where you can boost revenue. New Cloud based EPOS solutions allow access to real-time product, sales and employee performance reports from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

These tips are a good way to make the most of your restaurant technology this holiday season and attract more customers.

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