Grab peoples’ attention with a LED Video Wall and Display

LED Video Wall

People are constantly confronted with a forey of marketing messages – and so it’s difficult to make your advertising message stand out. Eye-catching digital advertising LED video wall offer you a creative canvas for improving the effectiveness of your campaign and increasing interaction for a higher level of engagement.

example led video wall

LED video walls for Retail

An LED display or LED video wall provide the perfect solution. The range of features LED displays provide are , no bezels, high brightness, slim depth – all of which are ideal for the retail environment.


  • Dynamic visual affects that improve curb appeal
  • Increase branding and customer recognition
  • Target impulse buyers with specials and sales
  • Set ambience, tone and in-store mood with video content

LED Displays for Sports Stadiums and Events

Today, spectators at sporting events expects state-of-the-art LED displays, digital signage and huge video walls featuring HD video content that can inform and entertain them before, during and after the game or event.


  • Provide features such as advertisements and instant playback for fans
  • Banner advertisements around the field or each level of the stadium
  • Create immersive environments that build your brand

LED Displays for Corporate

From greeting guests to employee communications and productivity, LED technology and digital signage systems play a key role in creating an ambient environment for companies


  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication Centres
  • Enhanced Visitor Information

Video wall
LED Video Wall