Interactive and engaging curriculum-based content for schools.

Combined with our latest interactive touch screen display technology, our software delivers a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use interactive software package.Packed full of engaging interactive presentations, animations, assessment activities.

education software

*Secondary and Primary school Interactive packs available.

  • Easy-to-use for both teachers and pupils.
  • Clear and concise curriculum-based content.
  • Ready-made plenary, summary and starter activities.
  • Easily incorporated into existing lesson plans.
  • Suitable for both personalised and group learning

Interactive Chart Screens

The interactive chart screens contain a wealth of curriculum-based content and interactivities to engage students and encourage whole-class involvement. All text and images in the software can be removed and revealed to control the pace of the lesson.

Fun Features

All fun features have been designed to engage students and encourage learning through competition and enjoyment. Not all fun features follow the same format so students always have a variety of assessment formats.

Interactive and Printable Quizzes

The quizzes are a great way of testing student’s knowledge of the key topics covered in each content pack. The multi-format quizzes are great starter, summary and plenary activities that can be performed as a class activity or individually for independent learning.


The ready-made worksheets save teachers valuable preparation time and are an ideal assessment tool.