Why Digital Signage?

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Businesses are always looking for interesting ideas and tools to connect with an audience and engage with customers. On the other hand, today’s generation of consumers are fussy about traditional marketing models and seek new ways to garner news about their favorite brands.

One of the fastest growing trends for engaging the current generation of consumers is to harness the power of interactive campaigns with digital signs. The idea of giving consumers a way to connect to your brand with interactive digital signs can help build engagement and brand awareness.

Importance of Digital Signage

By implementing digital signs, you can cut through unnecessary distractions and direct customer attention in a better way, thus influencing purchase decisions, increasing brand awareness, enhancing the shopping experience, and cutting down print costs.

According to Grand View Research, Digital Signage is a necessity in business, with visual billboards and advertisements having a higher recall rate compared to any other form of traditional media.

Restaurant industry can implement digital menu and allergy information boards as an aesthetically appealing way of displaying menu content. It not only looks attractive and professional but also is a cost-effective way compared to printed charts that require reprinting now and then, thus saving time and money.

The digital window for retail can be an extremely influential medium to grab eyeballs. Fedex Office statistics reveal that digital signs catch the interest of almost 8/10 customers, pushing them to enter the store. Digital signage can spur interest in a retail outlet and influence sales significantly. As much as 80% of brands have noted a rise of 33% in sales through the use of digital signs. What’s more, digital signboards can significantly reduce wait times at checkout, thus saving time for customers and businesses, enhancing the shopping experience, and boosting brand loyalty.

The importance of digital signage for educational institutions cannot be ignored. These organizations are harnessing the power of digital technology to communicate their messages to the audience, display announcements, emergency information, change in timetables, thus delivering all the crucial information with a click on all your digital screens.

Wondering why digital signage is necessary for finance institutions? Well, digital signboards provide latest financial information to customers, keeping them informed while also promoting news and offers. Not only this, a technologically equipped enterprise is seen as professional and up to date by consumers, thus digital signs can be used as a means to promote brand image. Remember; financial institutions acquire as much as 90% of customers in bank branches. Moreover, FedEx Office study statistics reveal that 7 in 10 customers end up purchasing a product after being attracted by a sign. Additionally, the importance of digital signage is not limited to grabbing customer attention. It is a potent medium of constant engagement with the customer, which does not involve face-to-face talking.

Signage software is starting to make headway in the health industry. Imagine how the implementation of digital signboard can improve the amount of healthcare by equipping hospitals and medical facilities with the best tool to bolster communications with patients and employees and keep patients informed by updating critical information.

If you haven’t yet introduced digital signs to your business marketing mix, you may be losing out to the competition, given the rising importance of digital signage across all industry verticals. Leverage the power of signage software to boost your company’s visibility, deliver critical information, attract attention, and increase employee efficiency.

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