Digital Menus

Multiple applications for digital displays

Read on if you thought digital signage was just for fast food and drive-thrus

Digital menus have multiple uses within the restaurant sector and are becoming increasingly popular as restaurant owners see how popular they are with their customers. Electronic menus are a great way of showing what’s available, advertising promotions, featured items and sharing information about your products, policies and credentials. You can also use digital signage to set up a private TV network for diners, and allow them to place and pay for orders on-screen.
digital menus

Increase your sales

The benefits of digital menus are clear

Whether you want to lower waiting times, increase the value of each customer or increase brand awareness, loyalty and repeat visits, digital signage has a range of benefits. Attractive, interactive content on your displays will encourage diners to engage – all the time reinforcing positive messages about your brand and deepening their relationship and connection with it. Customers feel more valued when they’re given useful information and real-time updates about your products, and staff have fewer enquiries to deal with too.

Digital Menu Content

Creative content targeted for your clientele

Different restaurants have different requirements, so part of our digital signage strategy considers and analyses the right content for you. We’ll work with you to advise and design content that your audience will find useful and want to interact with, which might include static, video and audio media. As part of our strategy, we’ll also feed back information to refine your content strategy and make sure it’s as engaging as possible.

Easy to update and manage

Easy to maintain with anytime, anywhere updates

Our software has been designed with the user in mind, so it’s straightforward to use. You can manage content on all of your displays quickly and simply from one place and make changes whenever you choose. You can tailor content for each location or show the same content at all venues, plus you can schedule content to be updated at different times of day, if your menu changes for example, or to display a new range of meals or drinks.

Full Digital Menu solutions from £2000

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Good digital signage content is more than just an engaging message.
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Fully Managed Services

On-going fully managed content creation, deployment, training and 24/7 support.
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Gain the benefits of our displays by getting an immediate ROI by leasing our equipment on a monthly basis.
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